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What is Terra de Satoshi?

Terra de Satoshi is a proposal of for the first private and decentralized country in history!

The idea is to form the People of Satoshi and then build several communities spread across all continents of the planet. Our goal is to be internationally recognized by the International Court of Justice and seek land acquisitions to build our nation, private and decentralized, promoting peace and harmony through the democracy of money, in bilateral agreements.

In an innovative model, bringing together people who do not feel represented by any current model of social organization, in favor of a better life, with the principles and values ​​inherent to what Bitcoin carries.

Our dream is to be considered the freest country, both in defense of individual freedoms and in defense of market freedom, that humanity has ever seen. We will be the first people in modern history to not have a centralized government, where decisions are political and supported through taxes! We believe that this model is outdated, flawed and retrograde, and does not match the current situation in which the human species finds itself, in such a technological era. Decentralization has proven to be much more effective than centralization, which is why we will implement a private and decentralized model in our free, sovereign and independent nation.

We will experience the height of democracy, as we will no longer need to delegate our decisions to third parties, but rather we will move towards a society where participants will represent themselves.

A society based on the principle of non-aggression and without the existence of taxes. As mentioned previously, it will be a society WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, and therefore, nothing will be imposed. Everything will be built through private contracts and voluntary exchanges.

Bitcoiners and freedom lovers in general;


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